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You call this evolution?!

Whenever anyone posts a thread that begins with "Post Here" at least one member is obliged to reply that they are, "Rolling for doublescoop."


In early 2014, Hayabusa posted a thread entitled Post Here: Become a Pokemon . These threads were nothing out of the ordinary and had been occasionally posted in the past and nothing particular came of them. But one retort stuck in the hearts and minds of the /khv/ usership. Not at first though. It would have been a one off joke that literally no one understood, but fortune would have it that the "Post Here" fad continued and so did that single, indefatigable retort. For three pages worth of threads, user Jiku Neon replied to every, "Post Here" thread simply with, "Rolling for doublescoop." So persistent was the young Neon that other members started using it as well without understanding its true meaning at all. 

The Post Heard Around the World[]

Rolling for doublescoop originally appeared in the following threads:


Rolling for Doublescoop is a placeholder for a real post and serves as a means to not contribute or think about the thread at all while still getting whatever you Posted Here to get.

Deep Seated Cultural Impact[]

Even now the echos of this masterful and multilayered meditation on the human condition can be felt. Whether it is in the sidebar that no one really cares about for anything but its value as a way to say lolrandom things about others or in the pits of the Spaz Moan. Yes, indeed. Quite the cultural touchstone. A Legacy that any user should be proud to even be tangentially associated with.